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The setting should be in the display settings menu. Apps launch instantly, scrolling is buttery smooth, and lags are virtually absent. I recommend turning on the lift to wake function and direct unlock so that the phone automatically unlocks once you lift it up. This isn't a line with clear positioning. For more information, refer to the aforementioned product details. Let me know your own opinions about the Huawei Nova 5T in the comments. Our Verdict With good looks, quad camera prowess and solid performance, the Nova 5T represents great value for a smartphone in 2019. The last rear camera is also 2 Megapixels but serves as a depth sensor for creating a bokeh effect or blurred background. Fingerprint scanner on the side of the Huawei Nova 5T. Hence, it has a total of 5 cameras with different functions! If you have any queries, you can ask in the comments below. As good as it all sounds, the Nova 5T is still short from being able to call itself a premium flagship. This week, Huawei confirmed that the phone will be heading to South Africa in November. The drawer opens like swipe up from the home screen. Sadly, the Huawei Nova 5T follows the trend set by most flagship smartphones of removing the 3. Other than that, the display itself looks sharp and bright with decent outdoor legibility. With their latest Nova phone, Huawei is hoping to cater to those gushing after a high-end device on a tight budget. This video will guide you through the steps. Product color, shape, interface and functions are for reference only. The Android 10 aka Android Q is now official and already rolling out to Pixel series devices, Essential Phone, Redmi K20 Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro. The fingerprint is super fast and the facial recognition is also great. Performance Smartphone Antutu Benchmark Score Samsung Galaxy S10 141,865 Antutu Benchmark score of the Huawei Nova 5T compared with flagship and midrange smartphones. Aside from those four rear cameras, it also has a 32 Megapixel selfie camera in a punch hole on its display. Huawei Nova 5T Honor 20 SoC 2x Cortex-A76 2. There are many good options for wireless earphones now but an analog 3. Though much like the Honor 20 Pro, the phone rocks if you lay it flat on the table. The refined finish and unique texture accentuates the contrast of light and shadow for a surreal and fantastical multi-layered 3D effect on a flat surface. In this case, you you can zoom out of fullscreen display mode and choose to have black borders on top and bottom like a phone with bezels. A 3,750 mAh battery powers the device with support for 22. He is currently the editor of Memeburn, Gearburn and Motorburn. The display of the Huawei Nova 5T. As mentioned in the above tweet, the update will be available in the HiCare app. Where the Nova 5T is trying to set itself apart is in the offerings on the rear. You can save or print these Terms and Conditions so they can be consulted and read at a later time. Other features on the phone include a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, the same as the Honor 20, dual band 802. On paper, the Nova 5T looks like a great value proposition. Product pictures and display contents on the foregoing pages are provided for reference only. Feature image: Huawei Nova 5T, by Huawei Andy Walker Andy has been writing for Memeburn since 2014, and is now part of the furniture. I started my career as a blogger in 2014 and also worked on an Android niche platform to gain extra income. Nonetheless, that rear pattern design is somewhat different. Given the amount of tech and features it offers, the Nova 5T does seem like a bargain against high-end rivals like the Huawei P30 Pro. All data is subject to actual usage. Actual memory space may change due to application updates, user operations, and other related factors. The smartphone is powered by Octa-core 2×2. Huawei Nova 5T sample selfie night. Depending on your situation, please click the button below after the completion of the binding. Please be aware that only some games will be supported. It brings bug fixes, system stability improvements, and a new December 2019 security patch. Effortless Power at Lightning Speed The lightning fast Kirin 980 chip is the leading commercial 7nm SoC chip, an innovative leap in lag-free, fluid user experiences. A limited-edition Midsummer Purple color also flaunts the new branding of the Nova series. The Huawei Nova 5T comes in three color choices — black, midsummer purple, and crush blue. The Huawei Nova 5T is the best Nova yet. You might've turned on night light or whatever it was called; basically it tints your screen with a yellow color to create less strain on your eyes, its pretty useful at night. This article originally compared the Nova 5T to the Honor 20 Pro, and has been adjusted to compare it to the Honor 20. But now the company is rolling stable updates to their various smartphones. When not pretending to be a table or covering the latest memes and South African news on Memeburn, Andy can be seen covering smartphones, gaming and car news on Gearburn and Motorburn. Original article: We detailed the Huawei Nova 5T in , a phone that has previously launched in the Philippines and Malaysia. First, the design of the Nova 5T could have been completed before the cutoff point, and Huawei is only just getting around to releasing it. But if you can live without these extras and crave the camera quality of a phone like the P30 Pro, the Huawei Nova 5T is a phone you should seriously consider. Instead of the notch, the Nova 5T sports a 4. The camera bump is a bit substantial though. How much will the Huawei Nova 5T cost in South Africa? However, it felt a bit warm while playing that last game. Huawei had South Africans in late August that at least two of its smartphones will run Android, will be Google certified, and therefore include Google Services. Now all users can take benefit of these. The rear cameras also shine in low light photography with a dedicated Night Mode. Rich, clear images and videos from vast landscapes to breathtaking close-ups. It comes at a time when most top brands, including Huawei, are just done launching their top-specced flagships. You can easily head over to HiCare app and check for updates. It sits below the volume rockers and works like a charm, never taking too long to unlock the phone. Go to the HiCare app and tap on the checkbox and select apply in order to proceed. However, the third camera is only a 2 Megapixel macro camera. Some features and specifications may vary across markets. The phone will be available to purchase from 1 November. The Huawei Nova 5T is powered by a Kirin 980 chipset. And now it can be on full display. Bind Please complete the bind security operations in a new phone number to open the page. It feels so fast and responsive than a normal touch pressure effect. It can fit more of the scene in a single image without needing to move backward or find another angle. The feel is meant to be textured with three quite vibrant color offerings: Crush Blue, Midsummer Purple, and Black. We also reached out to local retailer Cellucity for its pricing details. Make sure to bookmark this article to get the update of Android 10 for Huawei Nova 5T. These two phones will get a stable update in November 2019. Also in realme 5 and vivo u cant play games on high settings. The company has revealed the update timeline for its devices which will receive the Android 10 stable version. Hope this article will be useful to you. The back of the Huawei Nova 5T. Well, Huawei is always very quick in upgrading their device to the latest Android version. It perhaps comes down to a few reasons. On the other hand, re-charging the phone from 0% to 100% battery life using the bundled Huawei SuperCharge adaptor takes 1 hour and 30 minutes only. Battery life depends on actual usage situation. The main rear camera is 48 Megapixels and outputs optimized 12 Megapixel pictures by default. This is the same chip that powers the flagship Huawei P30 and P30 Pro smartphones. It only took a couple of seconds to realize that I had seen this design before, on the Honor 20. It will provide live captions for the videos, podcasts, and audio messages, apps, etc. However, it provides an insanely good value for money. Speaking of picture quality, here are some sample pictures shot with the Huawei Nova 5T. The Huawei Nova 5T is a smartphone with 5 cameras! However, I expected the Huawei Nova 5T to finally break the 4,000mAh threshold for the series since other brands easily fit bigger batteries in more affordable smartphones. The company told us a Vodacom contract will be R599 per month. Product colour, shape, interface and functions are for reference only. Product information is subject to such changes and adjustments without notice. It multitasks seemlessly also takes great photos. It is exclusively available in HiCare App. The Nova monogram is embedded subtly throughout the back in a modern, repeating pattern not unlike a designer handbag. Never Compromise Life is full of big, important files—photos, videos, apps, etc. Image credit: Future The rear houses the key attraction of the Nova 5T: a highly capable quad camera setup. While this glass finish catches fingerprints at the slightest touch, the dark purple finish and reflective light camouflage them well. The slider between camera shutter button and modes text appears as a red dot this time. Huawei Nova 5T Specifications: Huawei Nova 5T features a 6. The effect is more noticeable in the blue and purple colors. Black is the best choice if you prefer being subtle. It offers quick shortcut toggle. You can still find thin bezels around the screen except for the wide chin on the bottom that sticks out. It singled out the Huawei Y9 S — a device that remains a mystery — and the Nova 5T. Fast charging is one of the most important features in a smartphone nowadays and it boasts a flagship fast charging technology. The back panel produces sheens that seem to highlight the rear cameras. Lab test environment: temperature at 25°C, relative humidity: 45% to 80%. It is having flagship chip kirin 980. The other reason is that by-and-large this smartphone is a carbon copy of the Honor 20 launched in Q1, before Huawei was placed on the Entity list. Positioned in a vertical array, the lens setup looks a lot like the one found on the P30 Pro, with three main lenses and flash in a single line and a tiny sensor off to the side. Additionally, you can check more. Please make sure you check the corresponding terms of purchase and privacy policy. The camera user interface of the Huawei Nova 5T. This is composed of a 48 Megapixel main camera, 16 Megapixel ultra-wide camera, 2 Megapixel macro camera, and another 2 Megapixel depth camera. The rear four cameras are where Huawei wants to highlight the device. Please read the terms and conditions carefully so that you know your rights and obligations. It's really fast I love the little tweaks you can do with it, doesn't struggle with any apps I use and the battery life is awesome. Smart technology so you never need to compromise. A quick run-down of the spec sheet shows remarkable similarities. The Nova 5T is intriguing enough. The button still works but it can be avoided by disabling the punch-hole in the settings. This includes a 32 Megapixel punch-hole selfie camera and quad rear cameras composed of a 48 Megapixel main camera, 16 Megapixel ultra-wide camera, 2 Megapixel macro camera, and 2 Megapixel depth camera. The secondary rear camera is 16 Megapixels and has an ultra-wide field of view. The cameras also create next-level videos. In no time, our stories got picked up by the likes of Forbes, Foxnews, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget, The Verge, Macrumors, and many others. If you want to test out the beta update then follow the below steps and join the program. Huawei Nova 5T specs: Specs Huawei Nova 5T Screen 6. It uses glass for both the front and back with metal on the sides. If you want a blow-by-blow of this , we suggest you read our older piece, but for now, what you should know is that this device will run on Android. Hence, it also performs like a flagship smartphone. Huawei is not responsible and has no control over this third party websites. It follows the same design language as the Huawei P30 Pro with its four rear cameras arranged vertically on the top left corner. It was technically launched in South East Asia at the end of August, but this was after the cut-off date. It can be accessed by choosing the Super Macro shooting mode and allows you to take pictures as close as 4 cm from the subject. Another impressive aspect of the Huawei Nova 5T is its cameras — there are a total of five cameras on this smartphone. We quite prefer punch-hole displays to the notched ones that can be quite intrusive, so on the Nova 5T the cut-out on the top left can be ignored easily. Actual data may vary owing to differences in individual products, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors.