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⚑ in the address with your request. Honyaku is operated by two admins, who in principle are elected by the general membership to serve a three-year term as list owner. Available delivery options include:• Dansk Danish• Italiano Italian• - Select -• A majority of the list's active members, however, agree with and make an effort to comply with these guidelines, which we feel help keep the noise-to-signal ratio as low as possible while making both the list and the archives easier to use from a variety of applications used in a wide range of computing environments for operating both desktop and laptop computers as well as increasingly diverse gamut of mobile devices. No email read messages via Website• Tips to achieve a better translation If the translation doesn't seem right, then try this. 한국어 Korean• The current admins are:• ご利用可能な文書数を増やすには、アップグレードが必要です。 Please understand that this process requires you to have or to acquire a Google ID. Terms are staggered so that an election is held each March for one position. Suomi Finnish• Ignore the fact that the message appears to be an error message; just follow the directions, and it will work. Stephen Carter• Abridged email receive daily summary of activity• 3. If you are experiencing mistranslations, it may be due to a mistake in the original text. If any are missing, supplement the original text to make it complete. Indonesia Indonesian• It can currently be accessed via email or the Web interface at Google Groups. English English The ASL fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment. 繁體中文 Chinese - Traditional• Digest email receive messages bundled in a single email• in the address How do I post messages? Magyar Hungarian• Their responsibilities include approving membership applications and other activities intended to help the list operate smoothly. 简体中文 Chinese - Simplified• If you have an account at Google, you can change your options yourself via the Google Groups website. This message must be from the address you subscribed from, but can contain any kind of message. 翻訳ツールに戻る. Norsk Norwegian• The list owners also appoint one or more people to serve as moderators, also on a volunteer basis, to assist the operation of the list. Alternatively, anyone who wishes to join the group via email without acquiring a Google ID should click and follow the instructions shown. 4. Coined words and some unnatural expressions in Japanese using phrases such as ". Although there are no penalties for failing to comply with these guidelines, the list owners and moderators will from time to time send out general reminders to the list at large as well as specific requests for compliance to individuals. Anyone who has questions, comments, or concerns about Honyaku and how it is operated is encouraged to contact the list owners and moderators at honyakumods! Nederlands Dutch• Each specialized division offers services tailored to their respective fields. If you have any trouble with either of the above methods, please contact the list owners and moderators at honyakumods! Brian Watson Please refer to for further details. If you are new to Honyaku or just posting for the first time in a long time, please refer to the , where you will find a detailed explanation of how to post messages and which conventions we consider to be proper list etiquette. Email receive individual email messages Related Resources Adam Rice has developed a website that complements the Honyaku list: Also available at this site is a Web form with which individuals or businesses seeking translation providers can post job offers to the list: A helpful compendium of information on Japanese encoding for mail is maintained by Nora Heath: Ryan Ginstrom offers a searchable archive of all Honyaku posts, including those from other hosts: If you are looking for assistance in translating a simple word or phrase for free, Honyaku is probably not the best place to ask, because the people here do translation for a living. Deutsch German• Past messages can be searched and viewed via a Web Interface at. 5. Make some edits to the articles, pronouns or tense of the translated result will help you create a smoother translated sentence. Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian•。


Japanese translation services

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