Kaylee Hwang, MTV VJ and musician, is always full of energy and zest for life. Between her tight filming schedules, Kaylee also gives piano lessons to the aspiring musicians and leading them to shine on an international stage. She has a strong sense of personality and it is reflected in her choice of fashion coordinates. She loves mixing colors, prints and patterns in a bold manner and you can never spot her in the same outfit twice.

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Could you introduce yourself and share a unique/ interesting fact about yourself.

Hi, I’m Kaylee, I’m a piano teacher and VJ for MTV Vietnam. Something interesting about me would be you will never spot me in the same outfit twice. I can wear different shades and changes different outfit daily.

Are there any challenges you faced as a piano teacher, a VJ and a brand ambassador at the same time?

No, everyone supported me since they understood my passion for both fashion and music. There might be some challenges to arrange my shows and piano class schedules but I never let my personal engagements affect my students’ learning and performance. In fact, my students are showing great results and winning different international awards.

charles & keith IAMWHOIAM

Where and who did you get your music inspiration?

Miley Cyrus is my style and music idol. Her voice inspires me, her style and how she thinks resonates in me and I can picture myself in her. Besides Miley Cyrus, I also worship Mozart as he is a very special individual with his music pieces. Alicia Keys is also one of my favourite artists.

charles & keith IAMWHOIAM

How does your mood affect your outfit choice?

My mood is being reflected in my outfits. When I’m happy and want to feel energetic, I will mix colours, prints and patterns in my outfit. Some may feel that they do not match with each other but who cares, I am happy and I just want it that way! On bad days, I would choose monochrome colours which will make me relaxed. I always add colorful accessories; otherwise it is just boring with black and white.

charles & keith IAMWHOIAM

“It feels good to be lost in colour vibes”.

#IAMWHOIAM, I am Kaylee and I am Music

Ha Hong Lam is a fashion designer who does not follow any rules and believes that inspirations come in the most unexpected ways. She is deeply inspired by other women and their success story. By connecting through their life experiences, she is able to enhance her own sensitivity to create beautiful garment and in turn a special masterpiece.

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Could you introduce yourself and share a unique/ interesting fact about yourself.

I’m Ha Hong Lam and I’m a fashion designer. The passion of a designer comes from creating a beautiful clothing and a special masterpiece which is not just simply a piece of fabric or material. I love fabrics and I could spend all day looking at them. During my student life, when doing a project that I had to go looking for fabrics, at that moment, I just loved crawling on them and wished to own a fabric house for myself, or I could be a fabric seller. But now, I don’t have to sell them, I own a fabric stock and adapt them to my exclusive designs for Hà Hồng Lam – a hi-end fashion brand and a ready-to-wear fashion brand.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspirations come in the most unexpected ways, it could be from some imagers or just by touch and a great idea can be born from it. And to me, the material used is the key to every great design. A good and luxe material helps to craft a beautiful garment through the hands of experienced tailors.

charles & keith IAMWHOIAM

Who is your muse and why?

I find great inspiration from women who are beautiful and being successful gives a strong attraction. They are charming and strong due to the challenges they have to go through to reach their status.

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What is your personal highlight in your fashion taste?

I do not follow any rules and love to mix and match outfits based on my own personality. I prefer darker tone and love wearing black as it gives off a mysterious charm to every women.

“Life is boring till you embrace fabrics”.

#IAMWHOIAM, I am Hong Lam and I am Design

Luciola Dung Nguyen, photographer and boutique owner of Elpis Clothing, inspires the young and stylish to see fashion as a personal style statement. She believes that a “fearless” outfit will be the key to boost confidence and by being true to yourself, you will be able to conquer various difficulties and challenges in life.

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Could you introduce yourself and share a unique/ interesting fact about yourself.

I’m Luciola Dung Nguyen. I’m a professional photographer and owner of a fashion boutique called Elpis Clothing. Many people are curious behind the name ‘Luciola’. It is named after a firefly which sparkles in the night. I chose this name because it reveals my nature in life – always wanting to shine and lit brightly no matter what circumstances.

What is the most must-have item during your photo-shoot?

The must have item during my photo-shoot would be a good pair of shoes. I have to move a lot during shooting so a nice and comfortable pair of shoes is very important. As I often have to work with celebrities or in some posh environment, the shoes must also be fashionable and able to highlight my personality.

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What are the challenges you face when staring your own fashion brand?

There are a lot of challenges when starting my own brand, you need to know a lot of things and also able to multi task. It forces you to work fast and on days where I am super busy, I tend to lose track and not sure what to hold on to. But after a while, things got better and being able to pursue your dream is the best thing in life. Seeing that my brand is now well-loved by many fashion lovers, all the hardship is worth it.

charles & keith IAMWHOIAM

How do you describe your fashion taste?

I believe that fashion is a personal style statement. After all, you dress for yourself so it is important to wear what you like and feel fabulous about your own body. I chose outfits that makes me feel comfortable and that brings out the confidence in myself, able to achieve whatever I set out to achieve. A ‘fearless’ outfit will be the key to boost your mind and get you through tough times. No matter what you choose, just be yourself.

“People don’t trust paintings but they believe in photographs”.

#IAMWHOIAM, I am Luciola and I am Photography

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As a New York City photographer born and raised in the city that never sleeps, Annis Kamara aims to capture each moment one click at a time.

charles & keith stories-anniskamara

How is your usual style like?

My personal style is very classic yet comfortable, I want what I wear to be practical yet cool, and classic.

Tell us about your friend in the shot with you.

My friend is Janet Ribando, a fellow blogger that attended most of the shows I attended during New York Fashion Week. She loves any pop of color and fell in love with the feel of the velvet heels and was extremely excited to pair them with her personal style as she practically lives in heels!

charles & keith stories-anniskamara

How would you style the velvet trend?

I love wearing button downs so, I feel as if the velvet pieces would dress it up to a certain degree, it could immediately turn my outfit from casual to casual chic.

charles & keith stories-anniskamara

Can you share some fashion knowledge regarding the velvet theme that is trending now?

Velvet has definitely been on trend of late, from chokers to bombers, even velvet trousers, it is definitely a staple piece this season, and even more so in shoes especially boots.

Tell us more about the places that you shot at.

I am always in SoHo, New York City so I thought this was chance to have the shoot there. It is so eclectic and multifaceted that you can explore literally every day.

charles & keith stories-anniskamara

Photography by Nicholas Ramkissoon


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Heralded by an impressive academic record at the decorated istituto marangoni, it is no surprise that the young entrepreneur and Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Thailand sees fashion beyond the superficial.

charles & keith shoes-DuangPosh

Duang Posh’s signature red lips and outré style is an outward representation of a deep love for all things surreal.

Styling by Yoyo Cao @yoyokulala

Photography by Chaiyawat Chaiyachot

Illustrations by Duang Posh @duangposh

charles & keith shoes-DuangPosh

To some, fashion is a form of art. To others, it’s almost like a religion. How would you describe fashion as a language instead?

DP: For me, Fashion is Surreal.

If you could choose to be a piece of art, which artwork would you appear in?

DP: Mae West red lips sofa, by Salvador Dali.

Your icon.

DP: Diana Vreeland is one of the fashion icons I adore. I love her surreal way of creating her own language. Why wouldn’t you…?! She also loved being around Surrealist artists and was a supporter of the Surrealist movement.

Your style is instantly recognizable, is it a conscious effort?

DP: My style is bold. I love conceptual twists in design but it must come in an effortless way.

When did the red lipstick start?

DP: I have passion for the colour red. The red lips started when I was about 20…that was around the time when I was doing my Masters in Fashion in Milan. I have always always loved red lips on my mother, and I guess that started me on it. There was this once when I was little, I recall playing and trying on different red lip shades with my mom and we were laughing a lot together.

Ultimate RougeRouge girls in 3 words.

DP: Ultimate RougeRouge girls are eccentric, creative and bold.

charles & keith shoes-DuangPosh
charles & keith shoes-DuangPoshcharles & keith shoes-DuangPosh
charles & keith shoes-DuangPosh


Her Instagram page follows her jet-setting lifestyle from one fashionable city to the next. But Duang Posh is no stranger to living on the fast lane, considering she is one of Thailand’s most respected fashion forces. How does she do it?

The Editor-in-Chief shares her day-to-day with us —

Listen to my fav music like Pet Shop Boys, ASAP Rocky and Malibu in my iPhone to wake me up. Music is my passion!

Checking and answering all (hundreds!) emails with black coffee in my Barbarpapa cup.

Go to my private polo club for gym or mind training at home.

Arrive at Harper’s Bazaar office for editorial and sales team meeting.

Meeting with Harper’s Bazaar digital team.

Lunch. I love healthy food and most of the time, I will have an organic salad with raw sashimi and pomegranate or order dry seafood sukiyaki to the Bazaar office.

Join a fashion event or meet luxury brand clients for brainstorming about Bazaar fashion projects.

In need of hot black coffee at Dean and Deluca or Onion Coffee Bar.

Meet up with Thai students and share my experiences while studying at Instituto Marangoni.

Aperitivo time! Have a glass of Aperol Spritz at Jone’s or Rocket Bar.

Join a charity gala dinner, attend sit-down dinner events or have a cozy dinner with a few best friends.

Drive back home with good mood, good music.

I love having hot baths with Santa Maria Novella’s bath milk after lighting my favourite Diptyque candles.

Read Eastern and Bhuddism philosophy books.

Collect design inspirations from Pinterest for my brand, RougeRouge bags.

Brief praying before bed.



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